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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Wind power

The International wind power industry has made a great step forward in the last five years. Analysts are looking forward to the next decades and see the wind power industry at the front of the technology and power productions.

Using the wind power energy to manufacture electricity is actually simple. Much more simple than using sun carriers and PV cells and of course easier than sea levels power productions and other terms of the green energy. Huge turbines are catching the wind in their wings and transmitting it to the power gears. From the wind power turbine, the power goes to the local power plant and to the end users. In the US, Germany, China and Japan, more and more turbines are built these years. Over the last five years, energy year shows 25% growth in the win power installations.

The common use and belief in the wind power technologies shows great results regarding CO2 emission. At the moment, all European win power energy is saving more than 7% of the total CO2. Its great numbers when we are talking about pollution and global warming.

The global aim is to reach above 10% CO2 save using wind power technologies, which equal to 1.8 Giga tons of CO2, world wide. With this rhythm of new wind plants and turbines build in the next few years, more than 200 Giga Watts can be produced in this alternative, green power production.
With the ten top wind companies in the world and their forecasts of the green market, all we have left to so is to support and support the usage of green energy and green power production.

We are green, are you?

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