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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The meaning of reduce before recycling

Posted by admin on April 13, 2009

When we are saying recycling is the future, we forget that reducing is the present.

Buying new things, using new things and consuming more and more new things is the phenomena to put the finger on. This is the thing to stop and to know how to reduce.

There are some steps to go in mind, before purchasing new thing, before using something we didn’t used before and before making the need for new manufacturing.

First step: Do you really need it? Do you really need new cell phone after 6 months of having the old one? Are you sure that buying 10 new t shirts every month is the right way to refresh your closet? If you are sure you need this thing, are you sure you need new one? Why not checking for some garage sales and on the internet public sells. Maybe the thing you are seeking for is lying in your neighbor’s yard, unused?

Second step: check the manufacturing process. Always prefer to by recycling materials products. The recycling terms refer to the materials the product is made from, the ways it was shipped and packed. Even the most ecological products is not so ecological inside tons of packages.

Third step: what is the future of the product? This new thing im buying, is it green? Will I be able to recycle it after using? Can it be reused for second needs and be thrown away to some recycle bin?

After going over these three steps, you will notice that not all the things you want, you really need. It’s easy and sometimes even fun to reduce consumption, to be creative and reuse things and find additional productivities for old things you already own.

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