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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Obama’s green promises

Barack Obama had promised the voter to be green. Green for himself, green for the nation and green for the world. The idea of becoming greener than the last US presidents raised in his camping and now it’s the time to pay off the checks.

Barack Obama calls it the energy challenge. He points out the need to transform the entire American economy to think different and to reduce the reliance on the Middle East and the Venezuelan crude. In a public note, from his website, Obama says: “confronting our dependence on foreign oil, addressing the moral, economic and environmental challenge of global climate change, and building a clean energy future that benefits all Americans.”

According to President Obama, the new Energy plan will contain:

1.    National Relief from pain at the pump to thousands of American families. This is the plan for an aggressive plan to crack down on speculators and using the oil reserves for immediate relief from the soaring electricity and power prices.
2.    Creating 5 million new clean energy related jobs by investing $150 billion in the next 10 years. The money will go to the automobiles industry, encouraging energy efficiency, developing the next generation of bio fuels, operating green vats and more investments in the clean Technologies and clean researches. Promote, build and invest more in renewable sources. The plan is to produce %25 of all American emery in the renewable energy plants.
3.    Save more oil comparing to the amount the US is importing now. Again in a range of 10 years time. Expends the drillings and the oil production within the country.
4.    Increase dramatically the number of hybrid cars on the roads of the Unites stats. These cars are using much less fuel per each mile and have to be built in the US ( as for task #1 )
5.    Reduce the CO2 pollution and gas emissions for the long term. By protecting the environment, the pan is to end oil addiction and think green.

This plan is first of all to take care about the personal unemployment man in the US. The second is the national effort to save the country and the country’s economy and last of all- to help the environment. Barack Obama’s is doing the right thing when he tight these three together.

This is a task to follow Barack Obama’s green activities as promised

Check list:
•    Relief from the soaring electricity and power prices
•    Creating 5 million new clean energy related jobs
•    Expends the drillings and the oil production
•    Dramatically Increase the number of hybrid cars.
•    Reduce the CO2 pollution and gas emissions

We are green, are you?

The people which taking part at the Yes We Green project are ecological people. If you are ecological, you like to learn how to be more ecological or like to share your knowledge, welcome.