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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The green aspect of the World Cup 2010

The green aspect of the World Cup 2010

The World Cup 2010 in South Africa is huge event, going top track thousands of people to the country and going to be watched by millions around the world. In these days of environmental care and global awareness, there is a real concern about the green aspects of the World Cup and the ways to make sure the World Cup will not harm the green aspects of life.

The main thing to care about is the transportation to and away of South Africa during the days of the World Cup and inside the country. 32 national teams with their best soccer players, the managements, the thousands of fans per team and an army of media personals are booking their flights as you read this lines, think of the amount of aircraft’s, trains, buses, cars and limousines needed for this operation. The FIFA organization is looking to arrange an many buses for the World Cup so people will not hire too many cars and looking to have the games of each team, as close as possible. In Germany 2006, some fans drove hundreds of kilometers to see the games every day! In South Africa 2010 this case will be solved.

Other things to think about is the tons of litter which the fans re about to leave on the ground and in the streets, specialty the hooligans and the bad guys which after their team will lose, going to light in fire the garbage cans, litter the streets with shit and empty beer glasses and more. To solve this problem the South African police is on the tracks to educate the fans and to get rid of the bad guys wish special police World Cup rules.

Other things such as pollution are in the minds of FIFA as well, looking to implant solar energy sources to reduce the pollution, water care in order to save as much water as possible and to recycle them for the second use and more. The best thing about the soccer World Cup and because it’s a big event which pollute, is that’s its once every four years only.

There are some South Africa jerseys with the green logos to keep the environments save, buy them.

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