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Monday, November 12, 2018

How brutal can you be?

Posted by admin on March 1, 2009

How brutal can you be?

This article is not about the seals themselves or about the hunting rules in Canada; it’s about human being and the level of brutality it can reach.

In Canada, they are rules for hunters which are going after the seals fur. They have the exact amount they allow to hunt, the steps how to do that and the government is watching the markets from being over flowed with this fur. All over Europe and in the US, people are buying this Fur for good money and the industry is live and kicking.
Although Fur is luxuries and we can live without it, this is the world we are living at and this industry, under the regulation, is feeding some hundreds of Canadian families. It’s of course not true that all the furs used by the trade are abundant, not even half of it. But I do not want to talk about the fur itself, I can understand it’s a product.
I would like to point the brutality of the hunters, when they are going to hunt. I saw the pictures lately, and I was shocked. Again, they can hunt, the Canadian government can allow it and people can buy this seals fur, but why are they hunting this way???

(Pic, HSUS)

This article is about human brutality. We are brutal and we will continue to be brutal to the people around us, to the environment and to the animals on the planet. Still, watching this kind of hunting is shocking.

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