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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Green building

Posted by admin on January 18, 2009

One of the challenges for the modern building is to become greener, to build with new technologies and new techniques in order to make the home, house, building, office, roads and bridges, more Eco friendly. New area of architecture is being promoted and teaches how to build more green buildings.

The idea of green building is to minimize the footprint of the building on the nature. To give the house holders the modern life with all the accessories and items like regular building while taking much care about the nature around and the climate. The Eco friendly building promotes three main issues: Recycling, saving energy and nature resources.

While designing green ecological house, both the designer and the owner must think of saving natural reasouces systems. Special care of waste, recycling products, re using water systems and compost production are only part of those. Another expect is the energy for home use. How to use less energy in home? how to recycle as much energy and which energy saving systems are best for the home care?

All the above are part of the great thing called green building. If we will know how to be greener to the enviroment in our home and how to make the impact on the world around us as small as possible, we will enjoy it more.

We are green, are you?

The people which taking part at the Yes We Green project are ecological people. If you are ecological, you like to learn how to be more ecological or like to share your knowledge, welcome.