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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Green morning in the nature

Posted by admin on January 27, 2009

Just to share this short story i have heard from a friend who is living in one of the biggest cities in the US. He is a banker and already has 2 kids, most of his time are around home-work-city. Last weekend he left it all and went to trek the mountains for 5 days, alone. This is what he told me about the first morning in nature:

I woke up, walked out of my tent and sat on a piece of rock. I had no idea that nature life are so green. I had no idea what are all these things i missed all my life. The water are so clean, so cold and so pure. I believe i have never saw this kind of water in my life. The fresh morning air was amazing, i have never breath such pure air. The vision around me was so green, trees and grass all over the place, o have never seen so much green is one look. The quite around me, like there is no one miles and miles away. there was no one actually. I live on the first block from the park, riding bicycle twice a week and trying to eat healthy food. I have never felt this way before, like i felt that morning.

What I’m tying to say is actually nothing. This is just a story. I took the story to the green side and understood it as a way of living with the nature. be green for the best of the green around you.

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