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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Solar panels for isolated tribes

Posted by admin on July 2, 2009

Solar panels for isolated tribes

African isolated tribes are facing problems, which the western world can not even think about. African tribes are living with daily lack of water, diseases, low education level, no electricity, missing medicines and more.

One of the solutions to help these tribes is to give them power. They are too far from any other place with electricity; the national power lines can not connect them and isolated power made from natural sources, is the solution.

Solar panel

An Israeli campaign to help the isolated tribes was just took place among few African tribes. They have got Solar panels, installed on their roofs and produce clean solar energy. The advantages of systems as this are huge, the people can now light their houses, keep medicines in chilled containers, pump water from low levels underground and produce some additional materials in the power of the clean solar energy.

Seeing the kids reading some books late at night, using the clean solar energy power and the electricity to give them light, is just an amazing thing to see. Saving lives with cool stored medicine, worth the whole project investment. For isolated tribes and people all over the world, Solar panels to produce clean solar energy can be great solution.

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