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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Save energy at your kitchen.

Posted by admin on December 28, 2008

IF you have the clothes washing machine inside your kitchen like in the UK or if you don’t, the kitchen is still place when lots of energy is in use. Cooking, washing dishes, baking and so on e activities which demands energy and you can easily cut this energy in use by 20%. There are some basic rules to know when you are about to save energy at the kitchen.

The fridge and freezer are both energy consumers and both need to be handle with wise. Locate the freezer and the fridge away from direct sun light, far from heating accessories such oven and microwave and make sure they are always closed. In case some ice is gathering inside, clean it. Never put hot pots and items inside, it makes the fridge to work harder and harder means more energy.

Heating water for coffee, don’t need big and medium size pots. Use the smallest needed for the amount of water you are looking for. The heating takes a lot of energy and if this water are cooling back, its a great waste. Same with using the oven, don’t over heat, done bake 4 hours pie.

Cook smart and save energy. For cooking frozen food, take the package from the freezer one day earlier and not 5 minutes before cooking. This way you will save the energy to unfreeze the product.In case you have no time, use the too much water you heated for your coffee and unfreeze with them. This is power saving.

In your kitchen, there are many ways to save energy, think of energy saving while cooking.

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