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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Reducing CO2 pollution, Obama’s plan

Posted by admin on May 26, 2009

Reducing CO2 pollution, Obama’s plan

After the long campaign he had, the elections and his first months as the US president, Obama is finally starting to show some green steps. The new document now lying on the table is the change we all looked for, the climate care to reduce the CO2 pollutions.

Reduce CO2 pollutions

The draft page is talking about two main roads for the main target to reduce CO2 pollution and stop the global warming. First step is to invest, build and learn to use alternative power productions. No more burning coal, but using wind power, waves, solar energy and water streams in order to produce electricity. Second step is reduction of the need of energy. Means optimizing the use of light stop the major consumptions and look for better ways to power our lives.

Obama is facing major forces which are causing troubles and trying to fight the alternative power solutions. These forces are fighting this eco offers and fighting the green activist which are helping Obama taking the right steps.

In the short term, this offer will raise the alternative power and coal power costs, will make big plants to move to Asia and will hurt the American economy. Maybe its right, but in the long term, new jobs will be open in the alternative power and alternative energy plants, cost per kilowatt will decrease and we all breather better air, by Reducing CO2 pollution.

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