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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Air pollution and the public health

Posted by admin on February 6, 2009

Air pollution is all around us, and effects us daily. If we are aware of it or not, we are breathing polluted air and hurting ourselves. What can we do? to stop breathing? to move to Alaska where the air is the cleaner in the world? Maybe. But better if we search for ways to save the environment.

The levels of pollution is monitored by the government and divided to some levels. In most western countries and big cities the air is not so clean but ok for living. Only people with problems such as lung diseases, bronchitis or some kind of asthma, may be sensitive to the pollution. Same with young babies and elders. For the most of the public, the air pollution is harmless for the short term, see for yourself, we are alive. But bad for the long term. For them and for yourself, look for better ways to reduce the air pollution and look how you can give more to save the environment!

Air pollution levels:

Levels 1-3: You cant tell there is any pollution, the skies are blue and clean.

Levels 4-6: Minimum air pollution, can be noticed by sensative people.

Levels 7-9: Pollution is effecting the publc, you feel it in your breath. Try not to stay outdoors too much.

Levels 10: The highest of pollution, sensitive people will need medical treatment. For the most of the public, it effects the breathing and the total feeling.

( all these information relate to the UnitedKindom ministry of health details)

Free tree

Posted by admin on February 3, 2009

Free tree is a movement to free ourselves from the need of trees.

Daily use of paper, carton and paper products is part of our lives and we all need these products for everything we are doing. The paper in the printer, the paper packages of our food, the notebooks we have and so on. All these products  are usful and there is no need to stop using them, but there is a need to reduce this need.

Here are some tips to help us all to reduce the need of paper:

1. Use recycled paper products. Most of the times,  all the paper products which were made from recycled paper are even cheaper to buy and easy to find. There is no real cause not to buy them instead of the new paper products.

2. Stop using one time paper products such as writing papers, napkins and towels. Use alternative products as clothes towels and plastic products instead to save the big waste of paper.

3. Educate your family, friend and the next generation to do the same. Educate to reduce- reuse- recycle paper products like other things such energy and power. The more we will reduce, we ill need less reusing and even less energy to recycle.

Use less paper to save the trees. Educate the people around you to do the same.

Recycle sign

Posted by admin on February 1, 2009

Have you seen this sign before?

To the few of this website visitors which did not see this sign before and to the very few which not sure where its from, i will details this sign information once again. A global goal is to have this sign more and more, on as much products and on as much locations.

This is the recycling sign

The recycle sign tells us about the products we are buying and about the locations to recycle. If you see in the supermarket two similar gifts to buy, one with the sign and the other without, choose the one with the sign. This is becasse it made from recycled materials. If you want to get rid of old baby toys and you have two garbage cans to choose, one with the sign and one without, choose the one with the sign, it means someone will recycle this toy.

You can recycle paper, plastic, glass and metals. More materials and where to recycle, check in your home location for the places with the recycle sign. When purchasing new things, food, clothes, furniture’s and so on, always search for the recycle sign.

Green cleaning products

Posted by admin on January 29, 2009

Cleaning products are one of the most poisoning products we have at home. If we want to reduce the impact on the environment around us and to prevent water and ground pollution, the best way is to search how to use as little as possible, all these products.

Make a test, go to the closet with the cleaning products, take few bottles and look at them. Look at the color of the liquid, smell it and taste it ( DONT ). This closet has the most bad smell, poisoning look and headache products. You will not find any other place in your home like that. Think of you using these materials and they all flush into the sick, in the toilet, outside the door and so on. Its 100% poisoning the ground and the water sources underground.

How can I save the pollution? simple, dont use these harmful materials.

When you shop for cleaning products, always search for the green cleaning products. Look for products which are free of phosphates, and contains no materials as abrasives, chlorine, or acids. Most of the green cleaning products also contains no noxious odors which is another harmful ingredients.

Green morning in the nature

Posted by admin on January 27, 2009

Just to share this short story i have heard from a friend who is living in one of the biggest cities in the US. He is a banker and already has 2 kids, most of his time are around home-work-city. Last weekend he left it all and went to trek the mountains for 5 days, alone. This is what he told me about the first morning in nature:

I woke up, walked out of my tent and sat on a piece of rock. I had no idea that nature life are so green. I had no idea what are all these things i missed all my life. The water are so clean, so cold and so pure. I believe i have never saw this kind of water in my life. The fresh morning air was amazing, i have never breath such pure air. The vision around me was so green, trees and grass all over the place, o have never seen so much green is one look. The quite around me, like there is no one miles and miles away. there was no one actually. I live on the first block from the park, riding bicycle twice a week and trying to eat healthy food. I have never felt this way before, like i felt that morning.

What I’m tying to say is actually nothing. This is just a story. I took the story to the green side and understood it as a way of living with the nature. be green for the best of the green around you.

Are you green ?

Printing pages for nothing

Posted by admin on January 26, 2009

Since we all have at least one printer in the office, at home, within the fax machine and so on. Its very easy to print everything we are dealing. The idea is to stop this madness and to save some tree’s.

Emails we want to remember, pictures we have got from a friend, memories, meeting summaries, excel files, word documents from work, lists of things to buy and so on…..   So many things we are printing every day and for what ?

How to save trees?

  • Don’t print what you do not need
  • Print on two sides of the page
  • Use recycled paper for printer
  • Recycled the used printing pages

Think twice and three times if needed, do not print yourself nuts. Save the trees!

Reuse – better than recycling

Posted by admin on January 25, 2009

The term of Re Using is the one step ahead of recycling. If you are able to reuse in your life, to break the psychological wall of using new things only, you will be able to help a lot to the global effort of saving the environment.

The whole idea of recycling is to save the environment. By recycling we are able to decrease the need in energy, to decrease the need of natural sources and to decrease the pollutions and consumption. As more we are recycling, the more we are helping. Re using is even better than recycling since the materials and the energy used in the recycling processes, are being avoided. The idea of re using is not new and its easy to explain with the following example:

Two friends have bought a fridge. Both of them are happy with the fridge and talked after a while. “You know” said the first guy, ” the fridge service department is the best. They are always available, coming on time and solving all the problems in few minutes”. “You know”, said the second guy, ” I have no idea about the service department, never needed them”. Now back to recycling. Re using items, re using sources of energy and products will prevent the need to recycle. Recycling is good, important and useful but is we can avoid it too, the situation is much better.

Re use as a way of life and save the environment. Reusing paper in the printing machine will save some trees, much better than to recycle the paper because of the energy needed to the recycling. After reusing the printing page on both sides, you are more than welcome to recycle it. Re use old clothes for washing items ( wash the car with old t- shirt ), for cleaning your house and for car oil checks. Better to use old pants instead of buying special oil checking product.

The more we are able to re use, the more we are helping to save the environment.

Fast food packages

Posted by admin on January 23, 2009

Fast food is bad for your health, now researches show that its bad for the environment as well.

The onetime used packages, coming from the fast food corners, are the number one litter reason in the street of London. A dedicated research shown that, but the situation is the same all over the world. You buy Pizza for example and take it with you so you have: Pizza carton, paper bag to keep it warm, soft drink cup and cup holder, some souce or gravy and plastic bag to take it all together. Buying Burger is even worse. So many packages, bags and items to one time use which are after litter the street and cause advanced preventable waste.

Out of all the fast food cotners, Mc Donalds afre in the first place, Fish and chips are aftaer and subway and KFC arfe also part of the top 10 list. Now how can they easily reduce the watse and save the enviroment?

  • Promote eat in place offers for people not to take away
  • Give some special offers to eat in place
  • Produce recyclable products and place recycling cans.
  • Make Eco friendly packages for internal use

Use as less as possible all the one time, fast food packages to help keep the planet clean

Gray water

Posted by admin on January 21, 2009

Grey water is a common name to the water you can recycle easily at home.

But how can you treat grey water ? what are the Gray water and where are they coming from? How can I use the grey water with no fear and save as much water as possible?

Using Grey water can be done with special grey water systems or privately at home. The Grey water all all the water we are using except the toilet water. Water from the shower, kitchen sink water, dish washing water and used water from the clothes washing machine are all recyclable and re usable. The need to re use grey water comes from the need to save water. By using grey water for additional uses, you reduce the fresh water consumption, reduce the need for big water plants and pipes to treat more water publicly, reduce the wasted water and save both water and money.

An Example for simple and cheap system, for Toilet Gray water

Each can build his own grey water system or to purchase ready to install system. The idea is same, collecting used water and reuse them for additional needs. You can easily collect the sink water and use it for the plants, collect the washing machine water and re use it to wash the car.

Think about grey water systems for your own home and recycle any fresh water in use.

Save both water and money.

Green building

Posted by admin on January 18, 2009

One of the challenges for the modern building is to become greener, to build with new technologies and new techniques in order to make the home, house, building, office, roads and bridges, more Eco friendly. New area of architecture is being promoted and teaches how to build more green buildings.

The idea of green building is to minimize the footprint of the building on the nature. To give the house holders the modern life with all the accessories and items like regular building while taking much care about the nature around and the climate. The Eco friendly building promotes three main issues: Recycling, saving energy and nature resources.

While designing green ecological house, both the designer and the owner must think of saving natural reasouces systems. Special care of waste, recycling products, re using water systems and compost production are only part of those. Another expect is the energy for home use. How to use less energy in home? how to recycle as much energy and which energy saving systems are best for the home care?

All the above are part of the great thing called green building. If we will know how to be greener to the enviroment in our home and how to make the impact on the world around us as small as possible, we will enjoy it more.

We are green, are you?

The people which taking part at the Yes We Green project are ecological people. If you are ecological, you like to learn how to be more ecological or like to share your knowledge, welcome.