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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Eco awareness for taking green action

Posted by admin on May 5, 2009

Eco awareness!

Take green action!

The world has waked up one day and realized that he must be greener. This is the time and this is the place to take the green action. More than others, the Western world is leading this revolution for the best of all.

The recent years dedicated for the green actions around the world. I remember seeing in the new the Greenpeace guys for the first time, they looked ridiculous and stupid. I remember laughing when Bruce Willis shot golf balls toward them on the Armageddon movie. Its not funny anymore and we all part of it.

Take the front pages of the newspapers in the last 5 years, search for any ecological article and notice the green actions that are mentioned. You will see clearly that the number of issues has risen like hell. I can tell that from my small research, the number of green articles at the today’s papers is more than 800% than 3 years ago.

Celebrities are making movies, NGO’s are taking green actions, school children are teaching theirs parents, recycling and reusing are common words, being green is cool and so and so.

This is the time to be green this is the time to take the green action. Make sure to be part of the revolution, we need you in.

CPV – the future of the solar energy

Posted by admin on April 28, 2009

CPV Centering Photo Voltaic– the future of the solar energy

The solar energy technologies are still trying to optimize themselves. The most efficient technology, which cost the less and produce the much energy, will win.

CPV Solar energy

Solar technologies are looking how to become better and how to break the market. Thin films, Silicon, PV cell, Thermo systems and so on are already is use around the world and clean, solar energy is being produced. The real question now is how to optimize.

Into this open door, the CPV technology is entering.

CPV (Centering Photo Voltaic), is by definition optimizing the solar energy into the process. The technology is simple, to focus and center the sun light and by that optimize the solar energy production per square meter of solar cells. If 2008 was the CPV year with more than 10 Mega Watts of CPV solar energy, 2009 is panned to become 5 times bigger.

Big solar firms are working this way and trying to implant the CPV technology into their systems with the same goal – to low the cost per watt for the customer.

The biggest benefit is for the environment which every single watt which is produced by green energy sources such as solar, is another piece of coal or gallon of oil which we do not burn.

Sweat water should be re used.

Posted by admin on April 22, 2009

I thought about this idea when I washed up the lettuce before dinner. This water I used for the lettuce is sweat water, and im wasting them just to wash up some leafs. It feels wrong. So I have used a pile to collect this water and I re used them for my mint planter. This is not recycling water, this is re using water.

The idea is that we are using sweat water all day long and some of the usages are not spoiling the water at all. Like leafs wash, the water are the same, maybe with some ground over them and a warm if I was lucky to wash it out. In order to take the act and re use the water, this water must be collected and re used.

Same happen with car washing. After I soap my car and trying to take all the dirt off, there is always the part when sweat water are in use and sweat water are dropping off the car. Re using water wasn’t easier! There is no such simple thing to do as to park the car over the grass when washing it, this way the car is clean and the grass is wet and happy.

For people who like to take long baths, please stop. But if you don’t, after washing yourselves, you can easily re use water in the shower. Just put a pile below you and let it collect the sweat water from your body, this water will be useful for washing the car, dishes or home irrigation.

Re use sweat water at home, easily, and save lots of water every day.

Gas-powered autos and hybrid cars

Posted by admin on April 20, 2009

Gas-powered autos or hybrid cars?

Asking this question out loud is great as it is. Try to think which of the technologies are better for you and better for the environment. Well, the two are great and much better than the oil motor cars we all know.

The recent years were years of developments. Toyota and Honda are the first two companies to understand that green marketing is maybe the easiest way to market and that the customer is really thinking about the better for the environment. This is why these two cars, the gas powered one and the Hybrid cars are running on the same course to become the leading transportation opportunities for self car people.

My opinion goes more to the Hybrid car; I drive one by my own. The idea is simple and the sells guy really convinced me about the great impact and that its much better for the environment than the gas cars. To tell the truth, I believed him from the first moment, he was so green 

So, you can search, read and learn about these two technologies before you buy your next car. Anyway remember to think about the environment and make the right decision, always between Gas-powered autos and hybrid cars

Alternative power – Wind power

Posted by admin on April 19, 2009

Alternative power sources such as Hydro power and sun power is in use all over the world. The advantages of this alternative power production are well known and more investments are taking place. Together with sun and water, the win power manufacturing is growing and the near future will design the far to come regarding the wind power production.

Today, united stats are the biggest country in the world which produces wind power energy, more than any other European country and Asian. These markets, Asia, the European Union and the US are the markets where the last year shows high growth rate. These countries will also continue to grow in investments and plant built in order to reach the goal of 200 Giga Watts from win power, until 2013.

The win energy market is maybe not the largest among the alternative power productions, but its raising fast. Big companies are not investigating the markets and build more and more infrastructures for win turbines and wind power plants. General Electric is just one good example.

Together with major companies from Spain, China, Germany and others, GE and the alternative power markets around the world, the common idea is of course to reduce pollutions and CO2 emissions, to save the environment and to produce clean and green power.

Concentrating PV Panels

Posted by admin on April 17, 2009

PV Panels and Solar cells are the hurt of any solar system.

The efficiency of the solar system is according to the cells, their capabilities and the system itself.

New solar energy technology is about to change the formula and to make the solar systems much cheaper than there are today. This is the technology to concentrate PV panels. For all PV panels’ manufacturers and companies in the industry, there is the magic number.

This is the target price for the industry to reach in order to make the solar industry more economic than burning oil and coal. This number stands on $1.5 per Watt, until the year of 2012. With the new solar technology, this number is about to reach, easily.

The basic principle of the technology is to use lenses for concentrating the sunlight in more than 16 hundreds times. The main idea is to use much less semiconductors PV cells which are very expensive, by that to save money, and producing the same amount of power and electricity.

The solar energy products are already in the free market for years now. The upcoming players and the most benefit solar energy products are the ones to maximize the use ans optimize the efficiency.

This new solar energy technology is already on the prototyping table among few companies around the world and soon it will become commercial. The big winners are of course the end customers and the environment.

The meaning of reduce before recycling

Posted by admin on April 13, 2009

When we are saying recycling is the future, we forget that reducing is the present.

Buying new things, using new things and consuming more and more new things is the phenomena to put the finger on. This is the thing to stop and to know how to reduce.

There are some steps to go in mind, before purchasing new thing, before using something we didn’t used before and before making the need for new manufacturing.

First step: Do you really need it? Do you really need new cell phone after 6 months of having the old one? Are you sure that buying 10 new t shirts every month is the right way to refresh your closet? If you are sure you need this thing, are you sure you need new one? Why not checking for some garage sales and on the internet public sells. Maybe the thing you are seeking for is lying in your neighbor’s yard, unused?

Second step: check the manufacturing process. Always prefer to by recycling materials products. The recycling terms refer to the materials the product is made from, the ways it was shipped and packed. Even the most ecological products is not so ecological inside tons of packages.

Third step: what is the future of the product? This new thing im buying, is it green? Will I be able to recycle it after using? Can it be reused for second needs and be thrown away to some recycle bin?

After going over these three steps, you will notice that not all the things you want, you really need. It’s easy and sometimes even fun to reduce consumption, to be creative and reuse things and find additional productivities for old things you already own.

Green clean

Posted by admin on April 9, 2009

We all like to be clean and to smell good. Our home, car, clothes, curtains and rooms must all smell like clean, be clean and fell clean. In order to achieve this cleaning madness, there is a huge use of many toxic materials. Today, you can be clean and ecologic, using green cleaning products.

For laundry is the easiest to say that there are many eco cleaning products to use. These products are made from ecological materials; they can be recycling easily and do not harm the water in case we would like to use them as gray water.

The same basic materials, are all fragrance free, and Eco friendly. These basic Eco friendly materials are the base for eco kitchen cleaning products, shampoo’s and washing machine’s powders. As long as you do not have any dyes and fragrances in the products. For all green cleaning products, the usage is safe.

There are some more traditional solutions like to clean silver service, with a lemon. Maybe it will take longer and will not shine like in the toxic materials commercials, but the tools will be clean and smell like lemon. This lemon smell is eco friendly and not chemic lemon smell.

Using ecological cleaning products is another great step in order to become more eco friendly and environment saver. All the water in the cleaning process can be re used and therefore you keep the environment from toxic materials and save water.

clean solar panels

Posted by admin on April 3, 2009

Dirt on solar panels

Solar panels are not so unique at this time. There are many installation worldwide and it’s easy to find a provider to install your next solar panel. The new problem is to maintain these panels and to make sure there are producing the maximum energy it can. Dirt on solar panels is one of the problems.

Solar panels on your roof are a green and eco way to produce alternative energy. There is no pollution and the electricity is ecological. This green energy production is working well for years now within home installations, industrial ones and governmental solar plants. The more sun energy the panels can produce, the more green energy we have and the less we need positioning solutions as coal and oil.

During the years and the time, these solar panels are collecting dirt. The dirt can be dust, pieces of roots and wood and even plastic bags that came with the wind. All these dirt’s are extremely harmful for the energy production.

Cleaning your solar panels by your own or hiring some company to do so for you is very important. Dirty panels can produce 20% less electricity that clean ones. The light is not observed at its full power into the cells and the efficiently is much lower.

Installing solar panels on your roof is great step, keeping them clean and maintain them to be efficient is another important step for greener life.

Dry Future

Posted by admin on March 26, 2009

“The Future to come is dry”.
“Most of the world population will suffer from bad water diseases”.
“Lack of water will cause global wars and genocides”.

Does any of the above have something to do with you? You bet it have!

As part of the world population you must understand and realize that the planet is going dry. Its true, more than 70% of this planet is water, but we are talking about accessible drinking water. In Africa, Middle East and Far East, we see it happening at the moment, when people are fighting over water sources, great populations migrant toward water supplies and wars are taking place when the main reason is water.

In 2030, according to the UN, half of the world population will not have fresh drinking water. Its only 20 years from now! Your kids and the neighbor’s kids will ask you then- what have you done in order to prevent this situation? What have you done 20 years ago? (Today)?

The growing population is the main cause for the water lack and there is nothing to be done with it. But there is a lot to be done in the daily behavior and daily water use, in order to use less water, to save water and to recycle used water. More people need more water to drink, more food that grow with water, more meat, fuel and such. The demand is growing and the planet is collapsing.

The time to save water is now, the time to use less water is now, the time to educate, to take care, to pay attention and to do something in order to join the global effort- is now!

We are green, are you?

The people which taking part at the Yes We Green project are ecological people. If you are ecological, you like to learn how to be more ecological or like to share your knowledge, welcome.