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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Is Google green?

Posted by admin on January 12, 2009

Is Google green? does the activity in th huge computer centers and servers farms green?

No,  according to new research that was published lately.

Every time you make a Google search and there are around 200 million a day! 7 grams of CO2, Carbon Dioxide is released to the environment. The source for this pollution is the major energy needed to operate the total Google services around the world, including the servers, computers, people and so on. Data centers for example are known as high energy consumers and the IT industry in the world makes the same amount of pollution as the airlines activity !

7 grams is maybe not too much, but if we are talking about 200 million searches a day, we are talking about major pollution regarding the Google services. Google from their side are trying to minimize the pollution by using alternatuve energy sources and by trying to save energy usage.

Google, like MSN, Yahoo, Media companies, online service centers and internet users are all “helping” to the global warmong and pollution. Every sinlg minute we are surfing the net pollute more because of the energy in use. So how can we be more green about it?

Use less energy, surf less and use less computer time.

Use recycable enery and alternative energy sources.

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