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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Green clean

Posted by admin on April 9, 2009

We all like to be clean and to smell good. Our home, car, clothes, curtains and rooms must all smell like clean, be clean and fell clean. In order to achieve this cleaning madness, there is a huge use of many toxic materials. Today, you can be clean and ecologic, using green cleaning products.

For laundry is the easiest to say that there are many eco cleaning products to use. These products are made from ecological materials; they can be recycling easily and do not harm the water in case we would like to use them as gray water.

The same basic materials, are all fragrance free, and Eco friendly. These basic Eco friendly materials are the base for eco kitchen cleaning products, shampoo’s and washing machine’s powders. As long as you do not have any dyes and fragrances in the products. For all green cleaning products, the usage is safe.

There are some more traditional solutions like to clean silver service, with a lemon. Maybe it will take longer and will not shine like in the toxic materials commercials, but the tools will be clean and smell like lemon. This lemon smell is eco friendly and not chemic lemon smell.

Using ecological cleaning products is another great step in order to become more eco friendly and environment saver. All the water in the cleaning process can be re used and therefore you keep the environment from toxic materials and save water.

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