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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Green action – save electricity.

Posted by admin on January 11, 2009

Time to take the green action  – save electricity.

The over use in power is one of the major problems of the modern world. We all use power and energy to heat ourselves, to make our food, to transport from place to another and to enjoy modern life. Do we really need to use so much power in the daily life? the answer is no. We can save much of the power we are using.

Save electricity:

Heat the exact amount of water needed, close your computer at night, close unneeded lights at night and when leaving the house. Change the lights to LED lamps, use the washing machine only when its full, Do not over heat your house and use high temperature on the air condition. plug off n used electricity items, close the light when you go to bed, locate the fridge in a cool place and use Sun to heat the house.

This and more to do in order to take the small action – for the big change.

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