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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Fight to reduce global pollution

Posted by admin on July 11, 2009

Fight to reduce global pollution

One of the main problems in the modern world is that we want it all and we want it now. The planet earth is as it is, just because the human being living on it. The reason for the global warming, the pollution around us and the health problems as a cause of it, is the human itself. Fighting against these problems is first of all the fight to reduce global pollution.

Global pollution is the sea pollution, the air pollution and the water pollution, and its all coming together on the table when we are looking outside the window and when we are looking into our body. The planet is polluted, there is no doubt about it, the global pollution is everywhere and when travelling, you can’t miss it.

The seas, oceans, lakes and rivers are polluted with waste, metals and chemicals. We look at the water and we can’t see, but they are not as fresh as 50 years ago. Atlantic Ocean also have the “waste soup”, huge waste pollution in the mid of the ocean with plastics and garbage, flown on the water. This is a red flag for us to reduce global pollution as soon as possible; otherwise it will kill the ocean livings and will kill us.

The land is polluted by waste, factories and private people who believe that throwing some small waste behind the wall, harm no one. WRONG!

The main problem is the air; we must work to reduce global air pollution at once. We are breathing this air, we are living from this air, and we will die from it. The air is polluted with small particles which we shouldn’t breathe, but we do.

Now is the time to reduce global pollution, to fight against polluters and to do the most we can to save our lives and the lives our pour families. Go outside, look around you and let us know, do you think your area is polluted? Do you think the people around you can help to reduce global pollution?

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