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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Fast food packages

Posted by admin on January 23, 2009

Fast food is bad for your health, now researches show that its bad for the environment as well.

The onetime used packages, coming from the fast food corners, are the number one litter reason in the street of London. A dedicated research shown that, but the situation is the same all over the world. You buy Pizza for example and take it with you so you have: Pizza carton, paper bag to keep it warm, soft drink cup and cup holder, some souce or gravy and plastic bag to take it all together. Buying Burger is even worse. So many packages, bags and items to one time use which are after litter the street and cause advanced preventable waste.

Out of all the fast food cotners, Mc Donalds afre in the first place, Fish and chips are aftaer and subway and KFC arfe also part of the top 10 list. Now how can they easily reduce the watse and save the enviroment?

  • Promote eat in place offers for people not to take away
  • Give some special offers to eat in place
  • Produce recyclable products and place recycling cans.
  • Make Eco friendly packages for internal use

Use as less as possible all the one time, fast food packages to help keep the planet clean

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