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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Eco- friendly house

Posted by admin on December 25, 2008

Eco- friendly house

Our home is maybe the first place where we can save energy and use more alternative energies for our best. The options to save energy, to save water and to recycle are all open, the only thing you need is the information how to save the energy. Check this short Electricity Guide for the information you can use, includes tips and advice about saving energy.

Solar power- implant solar panels on your roof and produce cheat and green power. These panels are already available to buy anywhere and are easy to install.

Isolation and green bulding- Isolate your roof, walls and floor to keep the heat at winter and the chill at summer. build with energy saving materials, double windows and ground walls.

Compost producer- Install one of these small composters at home, recycle all green materials for re use at your garden and plants. This compost is very good for use after few weeks and the amount of waste you can save is big.

Water recycling system- Use one the the water systems to recycle and save water. Generate rain water and re use them in the summer, collect toilet and dishwasher water for re use at the garden and so on. Grey water systems are available to purchase today.

Produce energy- Advanced ways to produce energy with water stream near the house, wind turbine if you live in a windy area and waves energy in case you leave near the ocean.

The question is not whether to save energy or not, the question is where can i save energy and how can i save energy.

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