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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

CPV – the future of the solar energy

Posted by admin on April 28, 2009

CPV Centering Photo Voltaic– the future of the solar energy

The solar energy technologies are still trying to optimize themselves. The most efficient technology, which cost the less and produce the much energy, will win.

CPV Solar energy

Solar technologies are looking how to become better and how to break the market. Thin films, Silicon, PV cell, Thermo systems and so on are already is use around the world and clean, solar energy is being produced. The real question now is how to optimize.

Into this open door, the CPV technology is entering.

CPV (Centering Photo Voltaic), is by definition optimizing the solar energy into the process. The technology is simple, to focus and center the sun light and by that optimize the solar energy production per square meter of solar cells. If 2008 was the CPV year with more than 10 Mega Watts of CPV solar energy, 2009 is panned to become 5 times bigger.

Big solar firms are working this way and trying to implant the CPV technology into their systems with the same goal – to low the cost per watt for the customer.

The biggest benefit is for the environment which every single watt which is produced by green energy sources such as solar, is another piece of coal or gallon of oil which we do not burn.

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