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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Concentrating PV Panels

Posted by admin on April 17, 2009

PV Panels and Solar cells are the hurt of any solar system.

The efficiency of the solar system is according to the cells, their capabilities and the system itself.

New solar energy technology is about to change the formula and to make the solar systems much cheaper than there are today. This is the technology to concentrate PV panels. For all PV panels’ manufacturers and companies in the industry, there is the magic number.

This is the target price for the industry to reach in order to make the solar industry more economic than burning oil and coal. This number stands on $1.5 per Watt, until the year of 2012. With the new solar technology, this number is about to reach, easily.

The basic principle of the technology is to use lenses for concentrating the sunlight in more than 16 hundreds times. The main idea is to use much less semiconductors PV cells which are very expensive, by that to save money, and producing the same amount of power and electricity.

The solar energy products are already in the free market for years now. The upcoming players and the most benefit solar energy products are the ones to maximize the use ans optimize the efficiency.

This new solar energy technology is already on the prototyping table among few companies around the world and soon it will become commercial. The big winners are of course the end customers and the environment.

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