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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Cheap solar installation

The situation in the solar installations around the world is ridiculous. The cost of f the solar panels are going down, the technologies are getting better, more and more companies are facing this area and giving the customers the full solution and yet, the prices of the solar installations solutions are increasing.

For the private customer who is looking to save the energy costs of his house and to reduce the need for polluted electricity production, the solar installation is the solution, and yet he cannot find any real cheap solar installation. Some companies can install on your roof $30,000 worth solar system which actually worth nothing, waste of money and waste of efforts. The real question is how to decrease the costs and how to find cheap solar installation solution?

One of the ways to reduce the costs is to know the potential income of the solar system in the long term. Since the solar installation is planned to be on the roof and produce electricity for many year, the pre check for the potential is every important. There are many companies which are coming to your house, calculating the sun time on the roof and give you the output for the solar installation. This can tell you if it’s going to worth for the long term to install solar system or if your roof is not sunny enough. Another way is online services with Google Earth, where you locate your roof online and get the review online from the company.

Each solar installation, even the cheapest solar installation you will find, need to produce electricity. You may like to install one system and produce this amount of electricity every day, instead of installing other system which may be cheaper but produces much less electricity. The solar panels you are about to use are also big part of the cheap solar installation you will choose, make sure to have long term reliable solar panels

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