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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Yes we buy Green products

Posted by admin on August 7, 2009

Yes we green is maybe the slogan, he line behind the ecological idea, but its the first step only. When we claim to be Green, when one is Green, when a family is Eco friendly- you must show the simple things behind the slogan. Otherwise, the say with no actions is just a say and actually means nothing.

Start buying green products now

Its time to say, yes we buy green products.

Take a green actions and find the same products you buy usually, in the green version. We like to recommend this online shop as a great source of green products for home, work, leisure and more. yes we buy green products

The first thing we are claiming to do, is to buy Green products. These Green products can be kitchen products made from recycle materials, low electrisoty products for home, hybrid cars, shoes made from leather not from the Amazonas area, paper cups and so on. Every Green product you buy, instead of the normalproduct you used to buy is another step forward the Green goal of clean and safe planet.

Take small green action, make huge impact

Posted by admin on May 10, 2009

Small action, huge impact

Its hard to show how the simple man, the small man in the huge world can effect global things like the environment and the global warming. Actually its simple since each simple green action, each single thing we can do, do have global eco impact.

Green world

Looking on the worst wide of the things, there are many things we are doing, daily, which are harmful to the environment. These un green actions have the impact on the environment and other people health. Think about the cooking oil you are using, and throwing later to the sink This oil is harmful to the ground which is taking care of the sink water and harmful to the underground water. If you think that bury this oil in the garden is better, think again. The ecological impact of your acts has the eco impact on the global environment.

The same when you are throwing garbage into the sea and some fished are eating it and dying. The same is when you are not taking real care of the chemicals in your factory, burning plastics and so on. All these actions are bad to the environment.

On the other hand, each green action, the smallest you can think about do have green eco impact and make the little different. Using the public transportation help all the people on the road to reach their destination faster. Of curse, if all will use the rain and buses, the traffic will go faster, less pollution and fewer accidents. When you see plastic bad in the nature and you take it with you, it may feel like just another bag you thrown to the garbage, but it can also save the life of the next cow to think its food and choke from it.

Any green action you can take, will and do have am influence on the ecological system and do have its single eco impact. Each of us will do one thing for the environment and we all enjoy better life.

Concentrating PV Panels

Posted by admin on April 17, 2009

PV Panels and Solar cells are the hurt of any solar system.

The efficiency of the solar system is according to the cells, their capabilities and the system itself.

New solar energy technology is about to change the formula and to make the solar systems much cheaper than there are today. This is the technology to concentrate PV panels. For all PV panels’ manufacturers and companies in the industry, there is the magic number.

This is the target price for the industry to reach in order to make the solar industry more economic than burning oil and coal. This number stands on $1.5 per Watt, until the year of 2012. With the new solar technology, this number is about to reach, easily.

The basic principle of the technology is to use lenses for concentrating the sunlight in more than 16 hundreds times. The main idea is to use much less semiconductors PV cells which are very expensive, by that to save money, and producing the same amount of power and electricity.

The solar energy products are already in the free market for years now. The upcoming players and the most benefit solar energy products are the ones to maximize the use ans optimize the efficiency.

This new solar energy technology is already on the prototyping table among few companies around the world and soon it will become commercial. The big winners are of course the end customers and the environment.

Green cleaning products

Posted by admin on January 29, 2009

Cleaning products are one of the most poisoning products we have at home. If we want to reduce the impact on the environment around us and to prevent water and ground pollution, the best way is to search how to use as little as possible, all these products.

Make a test, go to the closet with the cleaning products, take few bottles and look at them. Look at the color of the liquid, smell it and taste it ( DONT ). This closet has the most bad smell, poisoning look and headache products. You will not find any other place in your home like that. Think of you using these materials and they all flush into the sick, in the toilet, outside the door and so on. Its 100% poisoning the ground and the water sources underground.

How can I save the pollution? simple, dont use these harmful materials.

When you shop for cleaning products, always search for the green cleaning products. Look for products which are free of phosphates, and contains no materials as abrasives, chlorine, or acids. Most of the green cleaning products also contains no noxious odors which is another harmful ingredients.

Printing pages for nothing

Posted by admin on January 26, 2009

Since we all have at least one printer in the office, at home, within the fax machine and so on. Its very easy to print everything we are dealing. The idea is to stop this madness and to save some tree’s.

Emails we want to remember, pictures we have got from a friend, memories, meeting summaries, excel files, word documents from work, lists of things to buy and so on…..   So many things we are printing every day and for what ?

How to save trees?

  • Don’t print what you do not need
  • Print on two sides of the page
  • Use recycled paper for printer
  • Recycled the used printing pages

Think twice and three times if needed, do not print yourself nuts. Save the trees!

Paper cups and plastic bags

Posted by admin on January 14, 2009

Paper cups and plastic bags is a short term for me to talk about all the packages and ready meals bags that are in use.

Take away meal for example, they pack you the meal in the aluminium plate, drink in the paper cup, salt a paper is the plastic small bags, one time use fork and knife, plastic bag to rap it all together and sometimes even more packages and plastic items.

After eating your to go lunch, all these are going to the waste and its a big waste to the environment. You are using one plastic fork maybe, but you are buying 3-4 meals a week. Also the place you are buying your meals at is selling to many others. Like this place there are hundreds in town, thousands in the country and millions in the world. One thing in common to all these places, they are using Paper cups and plastic bags.

Green action is to understand the no need of these one time items and the easy move to use the same metal fork for all the meals you are eating. Save this fork in a drawer in your office and reuse it for all meals. Same for the knife, meals and so on. Make your own meals at work instead of buying ready meals will save you money and save the environment.

If we will know how to reduce the use in Paper cups and plastic bags and all around items we are using daily and we will know to educate our surrenders to do the same, we have made major step for the environment.

Green action – save electricity.

Posted by admin on January 11, 2009

Time to take the green action  – save electricity.

The over use in power is one of the major problems of the modern world. We all use power and energy to heat ourselves, to make our food, to transport from place to another and to enjoy modern life. Do we really need to use so much power in the daily life? the answer is no. We can save much of the power we are using.

Save electricity:

Heat the exact amount of water needed, close your computer at night, close unneeded lights at night and when leaving the house. Change the lights to LED lamps, use the washing machine only when its full, Do not over heat your house and use high temperature on the air condition. plug off n used electricity items, close the light when you go to bed, locate the fridge in a cool place and use Sun to heat the house.

This and more to do in order to take the small action – for the big change.

Water pollution effects human health

Posted by admin on December 20, 2008

Water pollution effects human health

Pollution is bad in general, we are breathing polluted air, drinking polluted water and eating fruits ans vegetables, grown in polluted land. In most cases we do not see the pollution nor smell it, but its still there.

Some chemicals that a factory thrown into the river, or some personal throwing his old PC between the trees are effecting the underground water and polluting them. These are the effects we are drinking inside our water:

1. Heavy metals comes from several sources. Chemical and metal Industries, wrong waste expulsion and electronic garbage. These metals are finding the way into our water in on surface streams and underground aquifers.  The toxic water that now pumped and delivered to the consumers are causing diseases, hart attacks and cancer.

2. Microbial pollutants from waste and on land pollution, also finds the way to the underground water and cause diseases, epidemics , reproductive failure and children growing problems. This kind of pollution is invisible, almost with no smell, but its there.

3. Air pollution. Yes, Air pollution is a major aspect in water pollution. As the air getting polluted, the rain is getting more acid. This rains together with morning dew gets into the land and water and cause immune suppression and acute poisoning.

Think about all the aspects when you are throwing the batteries into the regular garbage can and not into the special batteries can. Think of the drinking water before you allow your boss at the factory to pollute the nearby river.

Keep the water clean for he health of our all.

Ecological activist

Posted by admin on December 17, 2008

You do not need to live on a tree, eat only vegatables and kiss aminals all day long.

Being an Ecological activist is much easier for every one and its all about care.

Care about the envoriment, care about pollution, care about recycling and the need to kepp or planet clean. The rest will come right after, automaticly. One man on the planet, will be the greener guy ever, can not make the change. The second one to join him will improve the results but still, the impact of these two guys on the global ecological problems will be less than minor. Add more people who cares, some csre about keeping the  sea waters clean, some care to save endangereds spieces, others care about air pollution and so on.

Gather all these people together and combine their activities, here you have the impact that is so needed.


Posted by admin on December 15, 2008

We are green, are you ?

We are green, are you?

The people which taking part at the Yes We Green project are ecological people. If you are ecological, you like to learn how to be more ecological or like to share your knowledge, welcome.