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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Solar panels for isolated tribes

Posted by admin on July 2, 2009

Solar panels for isolated tribes

African isolated tribes are facing problems, which the western world can not even think about. African tribes are living with daily lack of water, diseases, low education level, no electricity, missing medicines and more.

One of the solutions to help these tribes is to give them power. They are too far from any other place with electricity; the national power lines can not connect them and isolated power made from natural sources, is the solution.

Solar panel

An Israeli campaign to help the isolated tribes was just took place among few African tribes. They have got Solar panels, installed on their roofs and produce clean solar energy. The advantages of systems as this are huge, the people can now light their houses, keep medicines in chilled containers, pump water from low levels underground and produce some additional materials in the power of the clean solar energy.

Seeing the kids reading some books late at night, using the clean solar energy power and the electricity to give them light, is just an amazing thing to see. Saving lives with cool stored medicine, worth the whole project investment. For isolated tribes and people all over the world, Solar panels to produce clean solar energy can be great solution.

CPV – the future of the solar energy

Posted by admin on April 28, 2009

CPV Centering Photo Voltaic– the future of the solar energy

The solar energy technologies are still trying to optimize themselves. The most efficient technology, which cost the less and produce the much energy, will win.

CPV Solar energy

Solar technologies are looking how to become better and how to break the market. Thin films, Silicon, PV cell, Thermo systems and so on are already is use around the world and clean, solar energy is being produced. The real question now is how to optimize.

Into this open door, the CPV technology is entering.

CPV (Centering Photo Voltaic), is by definition optimizing the solar energy into the process. The technology is simple, to focus and center the sun light and by that optimize the solar energy production per square meter of solar cells. If 2008 was the CPV year with more than 10 Mega Watts of CPV solar energy, 2009 is panned to become 5 times bigger.

Big solar firms are working this way and trying to implant the CPV technology into their systems with the same goal – to low the cost per watt for the customer.

The biggest benefit is for the environment which every single watt which is produced by green energy sources such as solar, is another piece of coal or gallon of oil which we do not burn.

clean solar panels

Posted by admin on April 3, 2009

Dirt on solar panels

Solar panels are not so unique at this time. There are many installation worldwide and it’s easy to find a provider to install your next solar panel. The new problem is to maintain these panels and to make sure there are producing the maximum energy it can. Dirt on solar panels is one of the problems.

Solar panels on your roof are a green and eco way to produce alternative energy. There is no pollution and the electricity is ecological. This green energy production is working well for years now within home installations, industrial ones and governmental solar plants. The more sun energy the panels can produce, the more green energy we have and the less we need positioning solutions as coal and oil.

During the years and the time, these solar panels are collecting dirt. The dirt can be dust, pieces of roots and wood and even plastic bags that came with the wind. All these dirt’s are extremely harmful for the energy production.

Cleaning your solar panels by your own or hiring some company to do so for you is very important. Dirty panels can produce 20% less electricity that clean ones. The light is not observed at its full power into the cells and the efficiently is much lower.

Installing solar panels on your roof is great step, keeping them clean and maintain them to be efficient is another important step for greener life.

Solar farm, France

Posted by admin on February 24, 2009

Solar farm, France

The economic crises and the need for green energy have brought two French farmers to make a step; they converted their farm from making cheese, wine and eggs into solar energy producers.

“We have such big area and we can not make a living from farming anymore” one of them is saying. “If we can earn money and produce green energy all together, that’s great solution”. The huge solar plant will work on the thin films technology. Sun light hits the thin film photovoltaic solar panels and produced electricity.

The huge investment is covered by some French banks and the technology is provided by American thin films company. This farm alone will become 10% of all solar production in France after it will be ready and active, the save for the environment and the save in terms of pollution is great.

The French solar plant will prevent the emission of 2,750 tones’ of CO2 every single year. More than 4,000 houses in the area will enjoy clean energy. Major plan is to large this plant until 2012 to be able to produce up to 500 Mega Watts

The investors will benefit, the farmers will benefit, the environment benefits and the users benefits. It’s a win-win-win-win situation for all.

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