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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Sweat water should be re used.

Posted by admin on April 22, 2009

I thought about this idea when I washed up the lettuce before dinner. This water I used for the lettuce is sweat water, and im wasting them just to wash up some leafs. It feels wrong. So I have used a pile to collect this water and I re used them for my mint planter. This is not recycling water, this is re using water.

The idea is that we are using sweat water all day long and some of the usages are not spoiling the water at all. Like leafs wash, the water are the same, maybe with some ground over them and a warm if I was lucky to wash it out. In order to take the act and re use the water, this water must be collected and re used.

Same happen with car washing. After I soap my car and trying to take all the dirt off, there is always the part when sweat water are in use and sweat water are dropping off the car. Re using water wasn’t easier! There is no such simple thing to do as to park the car over the grass when washing it, this way the car is clean and the grass is wet and happy.

For people who like to take long baths, please stop. But if you don’t, after washing yourselves, you can easily re use water in the shower. Just put a pile below you and let it collect the sweat water from your body, this water will be useful for washing the car, dishes or home irrigation.

Re use sweat water at home, easily, and save lots of water every day.

Dry Future

Posted by admin on March 26, 2009

“The Future to come is dry”.
“Most of the world population will suffer from bad water diseases”.
“Lack of water will cause global wars and genocides”.

Does any of the above have something to do with you? You bet it have!

As part of the world population you must understand and realize that the planet is going dry. Its true, more than 70% of this planet is water, but we are talking about accessible drinking water. In Africa, Middle East and Far East, we see it happening at the moment, when people are fighting over water sources, great populations migrant toward water supplies and wars are taking place when the main reason is water.

In 2030, according to the UN, half of the world population will not have fresh drinking water. Its only 20 years from now! Your kids and the neighbor’s kids will ask you then- what have you done in order to prevent this situation? What have you done 20 years ago? (Today)?

The growing population is the main cause for the water lack and there is nothing to be done with it. But there is a lot to be done in the daily behavior and daily water use, in order to use less water, to save water and to recycle used water. More people need more water to drink, more food that grow with water, more meat, fuel and such. The demand is growing and the planet is collapsing.

The time to save water is now, the time to use less water is now, the time to educate, to take care, to pay attention and to do something in order to join the global effort- is now!

Gray water

Posted by admin on January 21, 2009

Grey water is a common name to the water you can recycle easily at home.

But how can you treat grey water ? what are the Gray water and where are they coming from? How can I use the grey water with no fear and save as much water as possible?

Using Grey water can be done with special grey water systems or privately at home. The Grey water all all the water we are using except the toilet water. Water from the shower, kitchen sink water, dish washing water and used water from the clothes washing machine are all recyclable and re usable. The need to re use grey water comes from the need to save water. By using grey water for additional uses, you reduce the fresh water consumption, reduce the need for big water plants and pipes to treat more water publicly, reduce the wasted water and save both water and money.

An Example for simple and cheap system, for Toilet Gray water

Each can build his own grey water system or to purchase ready to install system. The idea is same, collecting used water and reuse them for additional needs. You can easily collect the sink water and use it for the plants, collect the washing machine water and re use it to wash the car.

Think about grey water systems for your own home and recycle any fresh water in use.

Save both water and money.

We are green, are you?

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