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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Green worker? save power at work

Posted by admin on July 6, 2009

Green worker

Each of us already knows how to be green at home. Water saving, recycling and power saving are terms we all know and trying to do at home with family. Now its time to think about the time we are spending at work, are we green at work? Do we know to save power at work? Do we care about pollution while working?

The average employee is spending around 50 hours at office every week, there are millions of desk employees and more around, are they green? Are they all green workers? Do you believe you can become greener? Here are some steps to take, some things to think about while working

Paper cups, as a human being you must drink several coffee’s daily, tea, coke, water or anything else. Are you using paper cups, if so, why? All these cups, millions of cups are thrown to the waste, don’t use them anymore. Get yourself cup from home and use it. There are some companies which ordered many cups with company name and logo for the employees, great idea.

Fast food is the number one garbage generator at work. Each MacDonald’s lunch packed with so many bags, papers, cartons and so that you actually carry more garbage than food. Try to bring food from home and heat it at work with the local microwave. This is something green worker will do.

Water is something we all like to use, but using too much. When you try to save water at home, try to save water at work. It’s true that it’s not your water, but still, its water to save.

Power saving as a way of life is something to work on, but at work is easy, you can use less power with your computer, less power at the office and you can easily save power during the daily working jobs. Saving power is the thing to do since so many reasons and the number one reason is your health. If that didn’t make you think, what will? Save power at work as you save at home to reduce global warming and pollution.

There are some steps to take in order to become green worker, think twice and become one.

Green building

Posted by admin on January 18, 2009

One of the challenges for the modern building is to become greener, to build with new technologies and new techniques in order to make the home, house, building, office, roads and bridges, more Eco friendly. New area of architecture is being promoted and teaches how to build more green buildings.

The idea of green building is to minimize the footprint of the building on the nature. To give the house holders the modern life with all the accessories and items like regular building while taking much care about the nature around and the climate. The Eco friendly building promotes three main issues: Recycling, saving energy and nature resources.

While designing green ecological house, both the designer and the owner must think of saving natural reasouces systems. Special care of waste, recycling products, re using water systems and compost production are only part of those. Another expect is the energy for home use. How to use less energy in home? how to recycle as much energy and which energy saving systems are best for the home care?

All the above are part of the great thing called green building. If we will know how to be greener to the enviroment in our home and how to make the impact on the world around us as small as possible, we will enjoy it more.

Is Google green?

Posted by admin on January 12, 2009

Is Google green? does the activity in th huge computer centers and servers farms green?

No,  according to new research that was published lately.

Every time you make a Google search and there are around 200 million a day! 7 grams of CO2, Carbon Dioxide is released to the environment. The source for this pollution is the major energy needed to operate the total Google services around the world, including the servers, computers, people and so on. Data centers for example are known as high energy consumers and the IT industry in the world makes the same amount of pollution as the airlines activity !

7 grams is maybe not too much, but if we are talking about 200 million searches a day, we are talking about major pollution regarding the Google services. Google from their side are trying to minimize the pollution by using alternatuve energy sources and by trying to save energy usage.

Google, like MSN, Yahoo, Media companies, online service centers and internet users are all “helping” to the global warmong and pollution. Every sinlg minute we are surfing the net pollute more because of the energy in use. So how can we be more green about it?

Use less energy, surf less and use less computer time.

Use recycable enery and alternative energy sources.

Save energy at your kitchen.

Posted by admin on December 28, 2008

IF you have the clothes washing machine inside your kitchen like in the UK or if you don’t, the kitchen is still place when lots of energy is in use. Cooking, washing dishes, baking and so on e activities which demands energy and you can easily cut this energy in use by 20%. There are some basic rules to know when you are about to save energy at the kitchen.

The fridge and freezer are both energy consumers and both need to be handle with wise. Locate the freezer and the fridge away from direct sun light, far from heating accessories such oven and microwave and make sure they are always closed. In case some ice is gathering inside, clean it. Never put hot pots and items inside, it makes the fridge to work harder and harder means more energy.

Heating water for coffee, don’t need big and medium size pots. Use the smallest needed for the amount of water you are looking for. The heating takes a lot of energy and if this water are cooling back, its a great waste. Same with using the oven, don’t over heat, done bake 4 hours pie.

Cook smart and save energy. For cooking frozen food, take the package from the freezer one day earlier and not 5 minutes before cooking. This way you will save the energy to unfreeze the product.In case you have no time, use the too much water you heated for your coffee and unfreeze with them. This is power saving.

In your kitchen, there are many ways to save energy, think of energy saving while cooking.

Eco- friendly house

Posted by admin on December 25, 2008

Eco- friendly house

Our home is maybe the first place where we can save energy and use more alternative energies for our best. The options to save energy, to save water and to recycle are all open, the only thing you need is the information how to save the energy. Check this short Electricity Guide for the information you can use, includes tips and advice about saving energy.

Solar power- implant solar panels on your roof and produce cheat and green power. These panels are already available to buy anywhere and are easy to install.

Isolation and green bulding- Isolate your roof, walls and floor to keep the heat at winter and the chill at summer. build with energy saving materials, double windows and ground walls.

Compost producer- Install one of these small composters at home, recycle all green materials for re use at your garden and plants. This compost is very good for use after few weeks and the amount of waste you can save is big.

Water recycling system- Use one the the water systems to recycle and save water. Generate rain water and re use them in the summer, collect toilet and dishwasher water for re use at the garden and so on. Grey water systems are available to purchase today.

Produce energy- Advanced ways to produce energy with water stream near the house, wind turbine if you live in a windy area and waves energy in case you leave near the ocean.

The question is not whether to save energy or not, the question is where can i save energy and how can i save energy.

We are green, are you?

The people which taking part at the Yes We Green project are ecological people. If you are ecological, you like to learn how to be more ecological or like to share your knowledge, welcome.