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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Sweat water should be re used.

Posted by admin on April 22, 2009

I thought about this idea when I washed up the lettuce before dinner. This water I used for the lettuce is sweat water, and im wasting them just to wash up some leafs. It feels wrong. So I have used a pile to collect this water and I re used them for my mint planter. This is not recycling water, this is re using water.

The idea is that we are using sweat water all day long and some of the usages are not spoiling the water at all. Like leafs wash, the water are the same, maybe with some ground over them and a warm if I was lucky to wash it out. In order to take the act and re use the water, this water must be collected and re used.

Same happen with car washing. After I soap my car and trying to take all the dirt off, there is always the part when sweat water are in use and sweat water are dropping off the car. Re using water wasn’t easier! There is no such simple thing to do as to park the car over the grass when washing it, this way the car is clean and the grass is wet and happy.

For people who like to take long baths, please stop. But if you don’t, after washing yourselves, you can easily re use water in the shower. Just put a pile below you and let it collect the sweat water from your body, this water will be useful for washing the car, dishes or home irrigation.

Re use sweat water at home, easily, and save lots of water every day.

Reuse – better than recycling

Posted by admin on January 25, 2009

The term of Re Using is the one step ahead of recycling. If you are able to reuse in your life, to break the psychological wall of using new things only, you will be able to help a lot to the global effort of saving the environment.

The whole idea of recycling is to save the environment. By recycling we are able to decrease the need in energy, to decrease the need of natural sources and to decrease the pollutions and consumption. As more we are recycling, the more we are helping. Re using is even better than recycling since the materials and the energy used in the recycling processes, are being avoided. The idea of re using is not new and its easy to explain with the following example:

Two friends have bought a fridge. Both of them are happy with the fridge and talked after a while. “You know” said the first guy, ” the fridge service department is the best. They are always available, coming on time and solving all the problems in few minutes”. “You know”, said the second guy, ” I have no idea about the service department, never needed them”. Now back to recycling. Re using items, re using sources of energy and products will prevent the need to recycle. Recycling is good, important and useful but is we can avoid it too, the situation is much better.

Re use as a way of life and save the environment. Reusing paper in the printing machine will save some trees, much better than to recycle the paper because of the energy needed to the recycling. After reusing the printing page on both sides, you are more than welcome to recycle it. Re use old clothes for washing items ( wash the car with old t- shirt ), for cleaning your house and for car oil checks. Better to use old pants instead of buying special oil checking product.

The more we are able to re use, the more we are helping to save the environment.

Paper cups and plastic bags

Posted by admin on January 14, 2009

Paper cups and plastic bags is a short term for me to talk about all the packages and ready meals bags that are in use.

Take away meal for example, they pack you the meal in the aluminium plate, drink in the paper cup, salt a paper is the plastic small bags, one time use fork and knife, plastic bag to rap it all together and sometimes even more packages and plastic items.

After eating your to go lunch, all these are going to the waste and its a big waste to the environment. You are using one plastic fork maybe, but you are buying 3-4 meals a week. Also the place you are buying your meals at is selling to many others. Like this place there are hundreds in town, thousands in the country and millions in the world. One thing in common to all these places, they are using Paper cups and plastic bags.

Green action is to understand the no need of these one time items and the easy move to use the same metal fork for all the meals you are eating. Save this fork in a drawer in your office and reuse it for all meals. Same for the knife, meals and so on. Make your own meals at work instead of buying ready meals will save you money and save the environment.

If we will know how to reduce the use in Paper cups and plastic bags and all around items we are using daily and we will know to educate our surrenders to do the same, we have made major step for the environment.

Re use glass bottles

Posted by admin on December 30, 2008

Recycling activities are very important, this is not the right post to take about them. YesWeGreen is full of recycling information, recycling tips and idea’s how to recycle and what can be recycled. This post is about one stage above recycling – re using.

Lets talk about galss bottles. In order to make new glass bottle, you waste the sand for the glass, the energy for the manufacturing process and for the logistic to bring the bottle to your home. When you recycle the bottle after use, you save the sand, some of the energy and costs. Now think what happen when you re use the bottle!

The only thing happen to the glass bottle when its re use is sterilization. They took it as it is, clean it and fill it again with your favorite soda drink. So easy, so simple, so good to the environment. This is working very good in India and saving the production of more than 50,000 tons of new bottles each year!

Think gren and think of re using. Glass bottles is just the start.

We are green, are you?

The people which taking part at the Yes We Green project are ecological people. If you are ecological, you like to learn how to be more ecological or like to share your knowledge, welcome.