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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Air pollution and the public health

Posted by admin on February 6, 2009

Air pollution is all around us, and effects us daily. If we are aware of it or not, we are breathing polluted air and hurting ourselves. What can we do? to stop breathing? to move to Alaska where the air is the cleaner in the world? Maybe. But better if we search for ways to save the environment.

The levels of pollution is monitored by the government and divided to some levels. In most western countries and big cities the air is not so clean but ok for living. Only people with problems such as lung diseases, bronchitis or some kind of asthma, may be sensitive to the pollution. Same with young babies and elders. For the most of the public, the air pollution is harmless for the short term, see for yourself, we are alive. But bad for the long term. For them and for yourself, look for better ways to reduce the air pollution and look how you can give more to save the environment!

Air pollution levels:

Levels 1-3: You cant tell there is any pollution, the skies are blue and clean.

Levels 4-6: Minimum air pollution, can be noticed by sensative people.

Levels 7-9: Pollution is effecting the publc, you feel it in your breath. Try not to stay outdoors too much.

Levels 10: The highest of pollution, sensitive people will need medical treatment. For the most of the public, it effects the breathing and the total feeling.

( all these information relate to the UnitedKindom ministry of health details)

Water pollution effects human health

Posted by admin on December 20, 2008

Water pollution effects human health

Pollution is bad in general, we are breathing polluted air, drinking polluted water and eating fruits ans vegetables, grown in polluted land. In most cases we do not see the pollution nor smell it, but its still there.

Some chemicals that a factory thrown into the river, or some personal throwing his old PC between the trees are effecting the underground water and polluting them. These are the effects we are drinking inside our water:

1. Heavy metals comes from several sources. Chemical and metal Industries, wrong waste expulsion and electronic garbage. These metals are finding the way into our water in on surface streams and underground aquifers.  The toxic water that now pumped and delivered to the consumers are causing diseases, hart attacks and cancer.

2. Microbial pollutants from waste and on land pollution, also finds the way to the underground water and cause diseases, epidemics , reproductive failure and children growing problems. This kind of pollution is invisible, almost with no smell, but its there.

3. Air pollution. Yes, Air pollution is a major aspect in water pollution. As the air getting polluted, the rain is getting more acid. This rains together with morning dew gets into the land and water and cause immune suppression and acute poisoning.

Think about all the aspects when you are throwing the batteries into the regular garbage can and not into the special batteries can. Think of the drinking water before you allow your boss at the factory to pollute the nearby river.

Keep the water clean for he health of our all.

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