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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Fuel efficient cars

Posted by admin on July 17, 2009

Fuel efficient cars

As the globe getting warmer, as we try to stop fundamental terrorism, as we all looking for better air to breathe and as we all try to use less fuel, we have this new publish news for the Fuel efficient cars.

The car is the number two friend of the human, one guy told me in the CleanTech exhibition, after the dog we are walking out, the car is the second wife. Well, it’s almost true, but it does when we are talking about necessary gear. Every year, the number of cars on the roads is rising, more trucks, cars, bikes, trains and so on. More fuel, more pollution, more global warming. One of the ways to fight these problems is to look for Fuel efficient cars and about which of all cars is the most Fuel efficiency used.

Fuel efficient cars are more about the car itself, but also about the way you drive. Driving these specific cars listed below, known as Fuel efficient cars, and driving under the green rules, will save some major pollution and some money:

•    Toyota Prius, the number one Hybrid car, uses less than 7 barrels of oil yearly and produces just 4 tons of CO2.  The Fuel efficiency is 46-48 miles per gallon.

•    Honda Civic Hybrid, 42-45 miles per gallon and almost 4.5 tons of CO2 every year. Every year, the driver is buying 8.4 barrels of oil to run this car.

•    Nissan Altima, also Hybrid car, also Fuel efficient car, less than the two above. 5.5 tons of CO2 every year, only 33 miles per gallon.

•    Next in the list are Mercury Mariner Hybrid, Ford Escape Hybrid, Mazda Tribute Hybrid, Smart Fortwo and others.

Thinking about Fuel efficient cars and buying one of those will save the world some tons of CO2 and will save you some gasoline money. Think green and drive Fuel efficiency cars.

Everything and its enviromental price

Posted by admin on May 13, 2009

Don’t think about the environment, think about the price

These words are not for the green community on earth. If you are green already, you care about pollution, littering, recycling and alternative energy its good start. If you are already acting according and taking green actions, its even better. But for the people who are not, here is another point of view for the green side of life.

Think about the price you are paying, the price we are all paying when we are not green and do not care about green issues. The eco movement around the world is more than just loving flowers, its about our life, health and future.

A factory which is streaming its waste into the nearby river sounds bad, right. Why not doing something, anything to stop it? Think of the ecological price you are paying and the environment is paying. You can not go swim there anymore, no fishing, no drinking from these water. Less water for the people, need to supply water from other places, costs more, more pipes and diggings. If you can’t enjoy this river, no one can. More people are going to have good time in other rivers, less place for them all, more traffic jams, less fun in the family trip. The private price you and your community is paying is much bigger than the ecological price.

This is just one small example for the global impact on YOU, when someone is not green and acting criminally. Im not saying burn his factory down, im saying do some green actions to stop him. Take pictures of it, tell about it to the newspapers, go to the city hall about it, sign the petition, don’t buy this factory’s products and so on.

Green activists believe in global movement, each will do his small step, and all together will make the change that the environment is looking for.

We are green, are you?

The people which taking part at the Yes We Green project are ecological people. If you are ecological, you like to learn how to be more ecological or like to share your knowledge, welcome.