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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Eco garden at home

Posted by admin on June 10, 2009

Eco garden at home

Jena is waking up every morning and the first thing to do is to go and see her fruits and vegetables growing, after establishing Eco garden at home. She is saying: “before work, before coffee, I go out to see my plantation. This garden became my love and I give it all my love. From the other side I get fresh vegetables, great fruits, pure food and ecological system”

Eco home made vegetables

Lately, more and more are growing their food in the back yard. The system to build Eco garden at home is not so complicated like before and easily you can enjoy ecological food. “The idea is simple, you set a place, plant some seeds and give them love” Jean is saying when pointing on her oranges size lemon. “No chemicals, no additional treatments, just love sun light and water”. This is the hart of the ecological food.

Home Eco gardens are not just vegetables and fruits, but also chickens for eggs, fishes and sometimes even cows.  Industrial food is not always fresh and healthy, this made people think and invest in new way of living, or maybe the old way of living. Growing all the food needed, or most of it, in the Eco garden at home, can assure the quality of food and assure ecological food to your family.

Green clean

Posted by admin on April 9, 2009

We all like to be clean and to smell good. Our home, car, clothes, curtains and rooms must all smell like clean, be clean and fell clean. In order to achieve this cleaning madness, there is a huge use of many toxic materials. Today, you can be clean and ecologic, using green cleaning products.

For laundry is the easiest to say that there are many eco cleaning products to use. These products are made from ecological materials; they can be recycling easily and do not harm the water in case we would like to use them as gray water.

The same basic materials, are all fragrance free, and Eco friendly. These basic Eco friendly materials are the base for eco kitchen cleaning products, shampoo’s and washing machine’s powders. As long as you do not have any dyes and fragrances in the products. For all green cleaning products, the usage is safe.

There are some more traditional solutions like to clean silver service, with a lemon. Maybe it will take longer and will not shine like in the toxic materials commercials, but the tools will be clean and smell like lemon. This lemon smell is eco friendly and not chemic lemon smell.

Using ecological cleaning products is another great step in order to become more eco friendly and environment saver. All the water in the cleaning process can be re used and therefore you keep the environment from toxic materials and save water.

Ecological guide

Posted by admin on March 5, 2009

All ecology related issues are important. You can not say that saving water is more important than reduce CO2 or less important than using alternative energy sources. All the green issues are important to understand and are part of our lifes. If you are green, you think green and you act green, the idea to have some guide for all these issues is femiliar for you.

Well, this guide is online now. It calls the “Ecological-guide” and it open to all ecological issues.

Green products, acivists, Eco architecture, Eco lightning, water saving systems and so on. All these eco logical issues are online and will guide you to find the best eco item and service you are looking for.

Solar farm, France

Posted by admin on February 24, 2009

Solar farm, France

The economic crises and the need for green energy have brought two French farmers to make a step; they converted their farm from making cheese, wine and eggs into solar energy producers.

“We have such big area and we can not make a living from farming anymore” one of them is saying. “If we can earn money and produce green energy all together, that’s great solution”. The huge solar plant will work on the thin films technology. Sun light hits the thin film photovoltaic solar panels and produced electricity.

The huge investment is covered by some French banks and the technology is provided by American thin films company. This farm alone will become 10% of all solar production in France after it will be ready and active, the save for the environment and the save in terms of pollution is great.

The French solar plant will prevent the emission of 2,750 tones’ of CO2 every single year. More than 4,000 houses in the area will enjoy clean energy. Major plan is to large this plant until 2012 to be able to produce up to 500 Mega Watts

The investors will benefit, the farmers will benefit, the environment benefits and the users benefits. It’s a win-win-win-win situation for all.

Green Australia

Posted by admin on February 11, 2009

Green Australia

Just out of some random searches in Google for Ecological issues, you can find out that Australia is maybe the number one country in the world, with everything related to the environment.

February was bad month for all Australians but to the people in Victoria specifically. Farms burned down, property was lost and life of more than 200 people. This is maybe the place to comfort the Australian nation.

Out of the disaster, im sure the nation will raise and the people will keep on with the green activities. They will plant new trees, clean the mess and restore the nature life in the burned areas. They are just good at all the ecological acts and know to give the nature back, as much as they get from it.

Australian websites, organizations and private people are already join the effort to bring life back to the right course at the damaged areas and recover action are already taking place.

Australian, you are green !

Green morning in the nature

Posted by admin on January 27, 2009

Just to share this short story i have heard from a friend who is living in one of the biggest cities in the US. He is a banker and already has 2 kids, most of his time are around home-work-city. Last weekend he left it all and went to trek the mountains for 5 days, alone. This is what he told me about the first morning in nature:

I woke up, walked out of my tent and sat on a piece of rock. I had no idea that nature life are so green. I had no idea what are all these things i missed all my life. The water are so clean, so cold and so pure. I believe i have never saw this kind of water in my life. The fresh morning air was amazing, i have never breath such pure air. The vision around me was so green, trees and grass all over the place, o have never seen so much green is one look. The quite around me, like there is no one miles and miles away. there was no one actually. I live on the first block from the park, riding bicycle twice a week and trying to eat healthy food. I have never felt this way before, like i felt that morning.

What I’m tying to say is actually nothing. This is just a story. I took the story to the green side and understood it as a way of living with the nature. be green for the best of the green around you.

Are you green ?

Fast food packages

Posted by admin on January 23, 2009

Fast food is bad for your health, now researches show that its bad for the environment as well.

The onetime used packages, coming from the fast food corners, are the number one litter reason in the street of London. A dedicated research shown that, but the situation is the same all over the world. You buy Pizza for example and take it with you so you have: Pizza carton, paper bag to keep it warm, soft drink cup and cup holder, some souce or gravy and plastic bag to take it all together. Buying Burger is even worse. So many packages, bags and items to one time use which are after litter the street and cause advanced preventable waste.

Out of all the fast food cotners, Mc Donalds afre in the first place, Fish and chips are aftaer and subway and KFC arfe also part of the top 10 list. Now how can they easily reduce the watse and save the enviroment?

  • Promote eat in place offers for people not to take away
  • Give some special offers to eat in place
  • Produce recyclable products and place recycling cans.
  • Make Eco friendly packages for internal use

Use as less as possible all the one time, fast food packages to help keep the planet clean

Green building

Posted by admin on January 18, 2009

One of the challenges for the modern building is to become greener, to build with new technologies and new techniques in order to make the home, house, building, office, roads and bridges, more Eco friendly. New area of architecture is being promoted and teaches how to build more green buildings.

The idea of green building is to minimize the footprint of the building on the nature. To give the house holders the modern life with all the accessories and items like regular building while taking much care about the nature around and the climate. The Eco friendly building promotes three main issues: Recycling, saving energy and nature resources.

While designing green ecological house, both the designer and the owner must think of saving natural reasouces systems. Special care of waste, recycling products, re using water systems and compost production are only part of those. Another expect is the energy for home use. How to use less energy in home? how to recycle as much energy and which energy saving systems are best for the home care?

All the above are part of the great thing called green building. If we will know how to be greener to the enviroment in our home and how to make the impact on the world around us as small as possible, we will enjoy it more.

Paper cups and plastic bags

Posted by admin on January 14, 2009

Paper cups and plastic bags is a short term for me to talk about all the packages and ready meals bags that are in use.

Take away meal for example, they pack you the meal in the aluminium plate, drink in the paper cup, salt a paper is the plastic small bags, one time use fork and knife, plastic bag to rap it all together and sometimes even more packages and plastic items.

After eating your to go lunch, all these are going to the waste and its a big waste to the environment. You are using one plastic fork maybe, but you are buying 3-4 meals a week. Also the place you are buying your meals at is selling to many others. Like this place there are hundreds in town, thousands in the country and millions in the world. One thing in common to all these places, they are using Paper cups and plastic bags.

Green action is to understand the no need of these one time items and the easy move to use the same metal fork for all the meals you are eating. Save this fork in a drawer in your office and reuse it for all meals. Same for the knife, meals and so on. Make your own meals at work instead of buying ready meals will save you money and save the environment.

If we will know how to reduce the use in Paper cups and plastic bags and all around items we are using daily and we will know to educate our surrenders to do the same, we have made major step for the environment.

Eco- friendly house

Posted by admin on December 25, 2008

Eco- friendly house

Our home is maybe the first place where we can save energy and use more alternative energies for our best. The options to save energy, to save water and to recycle are all open, the only thing you need is the information how to save the energy. Check this short Electricity Guide for the information you can use, includes tips and advice about saving energy.

Solar power- implant solar panels on your roof and produce cheat and green power. These panels are already available to buy anywhere and are easy to install.

Isolation and green bulding- Isolate your roof, walls and floor to keep the heat at winter and the chill at summer. build with energy saving materials, double windows and ground walls.

Compost producer- Install one of these small composters at home, recycle all green materials for re use at your garden and plants. This compost is very good for use after few weeks and the amount of waste you can save is big.

Water recycling system- Use one the the water systems to recycle and save water. Generate rain water and re use them in the summer, collect toilet and dishwasher water for re use at the garden and so on. Grey water systems are available to purchase today.

Produce energy- Advanced ways to produce energy with water stream near the house, wind turbine if you live in a windy area and waves energy in case you leave near the ocean.

The question is not whether to save energy or not, the question is where can i save energy and how can i save energy.

We are green, are you?

The people which taking part at the Yes We Green project are ecological people. If you are ecological, you like to learn how to be more ecological or like to share your knowledge, welcome.