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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Biodiesel cars

Bio diesel, renewable alternative fuel

Among all alternative energy transportation solutions, while looking for the easiest way to produce clean and green fuel, the Biodiesel is probably the first to think about. As the most impressive renewable alternative fuel to produce, the Biodiesel is getting into our life, cars and other transportation solutions.
The Biodiesel is made from various kinds of oil waste. It will drive any diesel motor as long as its pure enough to run it. The big advantage of the Bio diesel fuel, similar to the natural gas powered cars, is the possibility to produce it in house, locally. This way you save the transportation costs and reduce the need to buy oil and coal from foreign countries.

Biodiesel, renewable alternative fuel, is made from any kind of vegetable oil. The first one was made from nuts oil, By Rudolf Diesel, the guy who actually invented the Diesel engine. It was in the year of 1892 and since then, Biodiesel is made from Canola oil, Coconuts oil, Corn, and others. Another way to produce this clean and eco friendly fuel is to recycle used oil from restaurants for example. This oil is going over some purification process and cleaning systems and is ready to reuse as a diesel engine fuel.

The pollution and CO2 gasses that are released to the air by using this Biodiesel, renewable alternative fuel, are 80% less than other fuels. Less pollution than in the electric cars industry. The price to produce it and to bring it to the customer is cheaper and cleaner. There is not real cause not to use Biodiesel.

We are green, are you?

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