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Monday, November 12, 2018

Home Made Energy

Posted by admin on September 3, 2009

Now you can start producing electricity in your back yard

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You can build your own solar panels at home, save the high retail prices and product home made energy for you and for your family. The solar panels are not so expensive to build and you can do it within few days, the materials and work to do will cost you less than $1000 and the energy save is much higher, annually.

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You dont have to be a builder, all you need is to have this great guide and start making your own solar station in the back yard, producing green and clear electricity. As a bonus you will get a short guide to produce wind energy at home. Traffic is energy, this is why you should consider the additional opportunities to buy green traffic.

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Yes we buy Green products

Posted by admin on August 7, 2009

Yes we green is maybe the slogan, he line behind the ecological idea, but its the first step only. When we claim to be Green, when one is Green, when a family is Eco friendly- you must show the simple things behind the slogan. Otherwise, the say with no actions is just a say and actually means nothing.

Start buying green products now

Its time to say, yes we buy green products.

Take a green actions and find the same products you buy usually, in the green version. We like to recommend this online shop as a great source of green products for home, work, leisure and more. yes we buy green products

The first thing we are claiming to do, is to buy Green products. These Green products can be kitchen products made from recycle materials, low electrisoty products for home, hybrid cars, shoes made from leather not from the Amazonas area, paper cups and so on. Every Green product you buy, instead of the normalproduct you used to buy is another step forward the Green goal of clean and safe planet.

Fuel efficient cars

Posted by admin on July 17, 2009

Fuel efficient cars

As the globe getting warmer, as we try to stop fundamental terrorism, as we all looking for better air to breathe and as we all try to use less fuel, we have this new publish news for the Fuel efficient cars.

The car is the number two friend of the human, one guy told me in the CleanTech exhibition, after the dog we are walking out, the car is the second wife. Well, it’s almost true, but it does when we are talking about necessary gear. Every year, the number of cars on the roads is rising, more trucks, cars, bikes, trains and so on. More fuel, more pollution, more global warming. One of the ways to fight these problems is to look for Fuel efficient cars and about which of all cars is the most Fuel efficiency used.

Fuel efficient cars are more about the car itself, but also about the way you drive. Driving these specific cars listed below, known as Fuel efficient cars, and driving under the green rules, will save some major pollution and some money:

•    Toyota Prius, the number one Hybrid car, uses less than 7 barrels of oil yearly and produces just 4 tons of CO2.  The Fuel efficiency is 46-48 miles per gallon.

•    Honda Civic Hybrid, 42-45 miles per gallon and almost 4.5 tons of CO2 every year. Every year, the driver is buying 8.4 barrels of oil to run this car.

•    Nissan Altima, also Hybrid car, also Fuel efficient car, less than the two above. 5.5 tons of CO2 every year, only 33 miles per gallon.

•    Next in the list are Mercury Mariner Hybrid, Ford Escape Hybrid, Mazda Tribute Hybrid, Smart Fortwo and others.

Thinking about Fuel efficient cars and buying one of those will save the world some tons of CO2 and will save you some gasoline money. Think green and drive Fuel efficiency cars.

Fight to reduce global pollution

Posted by admin on July 11, 2009

Fight to reduce global pollution

One of the main problems in the modern world is that we want it all and we want it now. The planet earth is as it is, just because the human being living on it. The reason for the global warming, the pollution around us and the health problems as a cause of it, is the human itself. Fighting against these problems is first of all the fight to reduce global pollution.

Global pollution is the sea pollution, the air pollution and the water pollution, and its all coming together on the table when we are looking outside the window and when we are looking into our body. The planet is polluted, there is no doubt about it, the global pollution is everywhere and when travelling, you can’t miss it.

The seas, oceans, lakes and rivers are polluted with waste, metals and chemicals. We look at the water and we can’t see, but they are not as fresh as 50 years ago. Atlantic Ocean also have the “waste soup”, huge waste pollution in the mid of the ocean with plastics and garbage, flown on the water. This is a red flag for us to reduce global pollution as soon as possible; otherwise it will kill the ocean livings and will kill us.

The land is polluted by waste, factories and private people who believe that throwing some small waste behind the wall, harm no one. WRONG!

The main problem is the air; we must work to reduce global air pollution at once. We are breathing this air, we are living from this air, and we will die from it. The air is polluted with small particles which we shouldn’t breathe, but we do.

Now is the time to reduce global pollution, to fight against polluters and to do the most we can to save our lives and the lives our pour families. Go outside, look around you and let us know, do you think your area is polluted? Do you think the people around you can help to reduce global pollution?

Green worker? save power at work

Posted by admin on July 6, 2009

Green worker

Each of us already knows how to be green at home. Water saving, recycling and power saving are terms we all know and trying to do at home with family. Now its time to think about the time we are spending at work, are we green at work? Do we know to save power at work? Do we care about pollution while working?

The average employee is spending around 50 hours at office every week, there are millions of desk employees and more around, are they green? Are they all green workers? Do you believe you can become greener? Here are some steps to take, some things to think about while working

Paper cups, as a human being you must drink several coffee’s daily, tea, coke, water or anything else. Are you using paper cups, if so, why? All these cups, millions of cups are thrown to the waste, don’t use them anymore. Get yourself cup from home and use it. There are some companies which ordered many cups with company name and logo for the employees, great idea.

Fast food is the number one garbage generator at work. Each MacDonald’s lunch packed with so many bags, papers, cartons and so that you actually carry more garbage than food. Try to bring food from home and heat it at work with the local microwave. This is something green worker will do.

Water is something we all like to use, but using too much. When you try to save water at home, try to save water at work. It’s true that it’s not your water, but still, its water to save.

Power saving as a way of life is something to work on, but at work is easy, you can use less power with your computer, less power at the office and you can easily save power during the daily working jobs. Saving power is the thing to do since so many reasons and the number one reason is your health. If that didn’t make you think, what will? Save power at work as you save at home to reduce global warming and pollution.

There are some steps to take in order to become green worker, think twice and become one.

Solar panels for isolated tribes

Posted by admin on July 2, 2009

Solar panels for isolated tribes

African isolated tribes are facing problems, which the western world can not even think about. African tribes are living with daily lack of water, diseases, low education level, no electricity, missing medicines and more.

One of the solutions to help these tribes is to give them power. They are too far from any other place with electricity; the national power lines can not connect them and isolated power made from natural sources, is the solution.

Solar panel

An Israeli campaign to help the isolated tribes was just took place among few African tribes. They have got Solar panels, installed on their roofs and produce clean solar energy. The advantages of systems as this are huge, the people can now light their houses, keep medicines in chilled containers, pump water from low levels underground and produce some additional materials in the power of the clean solar energy.

Seeing the kids reading some books late at night, using the clean solar energy power and the electricity to give them light, is just an amazing thing to see. Saving lives with cool stored medicine, worth the whole project investment. For isolated tribes and people all over the world, Solar panels to produce clean solar energy can be great solution.

Eco garden at home

Posted by admin on June 10, 2009

Eco garden at home

Jena is waking up every morning and the first thing to do is to go and see her fruits and vegetables growing, after establishing Eco garden at home. She is saying: “before work, before coffee, I go out to see my plantation. This garden became my love and I give it all my love. From the other side I get fresh vegetables, great fruits, pure food and ecological system”

Eco home made vegetables

Lately, more and more are growing their food in the back yard. The system to build Eco garden at home is not so complicated like before and easily you can enjoy ecological food. “The idea is simple, you set a place, plant some seeds and give them love” Jean is saying when pointing on her oranges size lemon. “No chemicals, no additional treatments, just love sun light and water”. This is the hart of the ecological food.

Home Eco gardens are not just vegetables and fruits, but also chickens for eggs, fishes and sometimes even cows.  Industrial food is not always fresh and healthy, this made people think and invest in new way of living, or maybe the old way of living. Growing all the food needed, or most of it, in the Eco garden at home, can assure the quality of food and assure ecological food to your family.

Reducing CO2 pollution, Obama’s plan

Posted by admin on May 26, 2009

Reducing CO2 pollution, Obama’s plan

After the long campaign he had, the elections and his first months as the US president, Obama is finally starting to show some green steps. The new document now lying on the table is the change we all looked for, the climate care to reduce the CO2 pollutions.

Reduce CO2 pollutions

The draft page is talking about two main roads for the main target to reduce CO2 pollution and stop the global warming. First step is to invest, build and learn to use alternative power productions. No more burning coal, but using wind power, waves, solar energy and water streams in order to produce electricity. Second step is reduction of the need of energy. Means optimizing the use of light stop the major consumptions and look for better ways to power our lives.

Obama is facing major forces which are causing troubles and trying to fight the alternative power solutions. These forces are fighting this eco offers and fighting the green activist which are helping Obama taking the right steps.

In the short term, this offer will raise the alternative power and coal power costs, will make big plants to move to Asia and will hurt the American economy. Maybe its right, but in the long term, new jobs will be open in the alternative power and alternative energy plants, cost per kilowatt will decrease and we all breather better air, by Reducing CO2 pollution.

Everything and its enviromental price

Posted by admin on May 13, 2009

Don’t think about the environment, think about the price

These words are not for the green community on earth. If you are green already, you care about pollution, littering, recycling and alternative energy its good start. If you are already acting according and taking green actions, its even better. But for the people who are not, here is another point of view for the green side of life.

Think about the price you are paying, the price we are all paying when we are not green and do not care about green issues. The eco movement around the world is more than just loving flowers, its about our life, health and future.

A factory which is streaming its waste into the nearby river sounds bad, right. Why not doing something, anything to stop it? Think of the ecological price you are paying and the environment is paying. You can not go swim there anymore, no fishing, no drinking from these water. Less water for the people, need to supply water from other places, costs more, more pipes and diggings. If you can’t enjoy this river, no one can. More people are going to have good time in other rivers, less place for them all, more traffic jams, less fun in the family trip. The private price you and your community is paying is much bigger than the ecological price.

This is just one small example for the global impact on YOU, when someone is not green and acting criminally. Im not saying burn his factory down, im saying do some green actions to stop him. Take pictures of it, tell about it to the newspapers, go to the city hall about it, sign the petition, don’t buy this factory’s products and so on.

Green activists believe in global movement, each will do his small step, and all together will make the change that the environment is looking for.

Take small green action, make huge impact

Posted by admin on May 10, 2009

Small action, huge impact

Its hard to show how the simple man, the small man in the huge world can effect global things like the environment and the global warming. Actually its simple since each simple green action, each single thing we can do, do have global eco impact.

Green world

Looking on the worst wide of the things, there are many things we are doing, daily, which are harmful to the environment. These un green actions have the impact on the environment and other people health. Think about the cooking oil you are using, and throwing later to the sink This oil is harmful to the ground which is taking care of the sink water and harmful to the underground water. If you think that bury this oil in the garden is better, think again. The ecological impact of your acts has the eco impact on the global environment.

The same when you are throwing garbage into the sea and some fished are eating it and dying. The same is when you are not taking real care of the chemicals in your factory, burning plastics and so on. All these actions are bad to the environment.

On the other hand, each green action, the smallest you can think about do have green eco impact and make the little different. Using the public transportation help all the people on the road to reach their destination faster. Of curse, if all will use the rain and buses, the traffic will go faster, less pollution and fewer accidents. When you see plastic bad in the nature and you take it with you, it may feel like just another bag you thrown to the garbage, but it can also save the life of the next cow to think its food and choke from it.

Any green action you can take, will and do have am influence on the ecological system and do have its single eco impact. Each of us will do one thing for the environment and we all enjoy better life.

We are green, are you?

The people which taking part at the Yes We Green project are ecological people. If you are ecological, you like to learn how to be more ecological or like to share your knowledge, welcome.